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The Jig Masters top five priorities when selecting the
right jigs for a great day.

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Know Your Target: Be as clear as you can about what species your fishing for. How do they feed, when and on what? Are they hit and run merchants that hide in amongst snags logs etc.

Best baits/lures: Then think about what to present to these fish. Bait choice, color and methods of presentation is really important. Rule of thumb is dark water, dark baits or lures.

Techniques: What head weights will work best? Do I want my jig to sink fast, medium or slow? Or should my lure have a slow or fast action on retrieve? Is my line suited to the type of jig or lure I am using? Above all apply the KIS principle. "Keep It Simple" and focus on what is going to entice that fish to strike.

Angling Environment/Conditions: What do I know about the place I am fishing? Deep holes, lots of snags, fish rising in late afternoons, best on a making tide? Or it could be that fish go deep in cooler weather. Local knowledge is usually the key and if your not sure, see if someone will tell you a bit more.

Versatility/Learning: Keeping all the above in mind never be afraid to try something different even if others think your nuts! Rarely does only just one technique raise a scale on any given day. If your trolling and not much is happening then stop and vertical jig over, or near, some bottom structure etc.

Last and not least, you have to think like that fish! That's right. If you were that fish where would you be in that lake, inshore channel, or outwide on the type of day you are there?

All the above takes time to bring together along with practice. It's not a perfect recipe because there isn't one. It simply helps to stay focused and increase your chances of landing just the fish you want. It can also take some frustration out of angling as well.

Burnin Thumbs!


Master Jig Builder
Demon Jigs & Lures

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