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The Demon "Sling-Shot" Technique


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This month flies are the focus of our monthly prize and given this to be the case I thought I would introduce both fresh and saltwater anglers to the "Sling-Shot" technique I've developed. Now before you head on out of here in a big rush, because you are not a fly angler, I suggest reading on a bit because this is about using flies in another way. Yes,
it's true flies are for fly angling without a doubt.

They can also be used really effectively in other ways for both fresh and saltwater. So read on!

This technique is really simple and can be used for either jigging or trolling. What do I need? Well, let's start in the fresh. What have we got? Darker water, different species and often many snags, logs etc. We start with and Demon "Knob" which is a 3/8oz to 3/4oz cone shaped alloy head. In the fresh my suggestion is to use the "Glow Knob" version because it
lights up the fly a bit more. Also needs to be cone shaped to work through the water effectively and will create a bit of cavitation too which is often useful.

Feed your line through the center hole and immediately behind it tie on a quality swivel with no clip. One that will rotate fast and freely. Then you choose a leader of between 4 to 6" and onto that you tie a Demon Bass Fly or another of your choosing. Make sure your leader has both strength and flexibility so that you get lots of movement in the fly regardless
of a jigging or trolling action.

Personally, I like a line that is really soft like Jinkai for this technique and in the end it comes down to personal choice and cost.

That's it! You are basically set. Before heading off to give the "sling-shot" a lash, here are a couple of other details to consider on the side:

If your jigging using this technique you may find it useful, or necessary, to put a 6" strip of tubing (glow or otherwise) over your line, and immediately in front of, the knob. This stops your fly from wanting to catch on the line and applies to the saltwater jigging technique as well.

Try without it first because it depends on your technique. Just use a short, sharp jig upwards and then let it fall back fully before jigging again. The fly will do the rest so remember it's not weighted and needs a little more time to fall.. If it's fall is a bit sluggish then just put a piece of split shot down the fly hook shaft and just before the hook bend.

The same tie up is required in saltwater keeping in mind the species you are likely to target or encounter. Usually you need heavier "Knob" head weights (3/4 to 2oz) which are white in color, solid swivel and something like a Demon "T"ropical Fly, or Saltwater Trolling Fly, with a solid 3/0 or 4/0 Mustad (34007) hook on the end.

If trolling ( in either fresh or salt) and not much is happening, then get onto your sounder and find some structure to jig around. If nothing happens, move on to another structure and remember, keep thinking like a fish as mentioned in my previous article.

Well, that's it for this month. If you have further questions then just post them on the board here and I will get back to you shortly. If not, come back and tell us how you got on.

Until then, Burnin Thumbs!


Master Jig Builder


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