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The article below was contributed by Angus Davidson of  wildtrouttasmania.com.au in response to a Fish Ticker headline that described the general opposition that Australian anglers have over Canadian Salmon imports. His article expands on the subject and calls for action to prevent the importation of potentially damaging diseases.

We in Australia are faced with the greatest ecological threat in our short history.
Since 1975 there have been protocols in place protecting Australia from exotic disease by not allowing the import of fresh and frozen salmon from any overseas source. Due to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service deciding to become a political voice instead of pursuing it's real responsibility of protecting our countries disease free status, through pressure from the Canadian government we are now faced with the imminent importation of salmon products which we KNOW will carry disease.

This is a very brief description of the problem, there are many vested interests in Australia that would like to see the issue stay in the trade arena, thereby enhancing their own export potentials. Quite clearly it should NEVER have been an issue of trade but of maintaining the disease free status of this continent. There have been NO studies done into the possible consequences of these diseases affecting our native fish species, and the end game of Whirling Disease, ISA, IHN, IPN, etc, on salmonid species is all too well known.

We desperately need scientific evidence showing that the decision to import these salmon products into Australia is a completely unacceptable risk under ANY circumstances.

Australia is now the last continent in the world to have a disease free salmonid population and it seems to me that to risk damaging this precious global resource would be the most extraordinary display of human arrogance and that it must be stopped.

The decision has been handed down by the WTO and the wheels are turning. Unless we can stop this madness there WILL be diseased salmon in this country within a matter of months. If there is anyone who can provide us with scientific research to support our pending legal actions, the Australian angling community would be in your debt.


Angus Davidson


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