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Who's Training Who?

When it comes to hearing why the trout don't bite, believe me, I've at least heard most of it. It's too hot, it's too cold, the wind is blowing the wrong way, it's raining, it's not raining etc. etc. etc. Of course there's always the old favorite; Larry's been feeding them again" There may be something to any or all of these reasons, but for the moment, let's consider giving the trout
some credit.

Mother Nature obviously provides each new trout with the instinct to know what to eat and perhaps more importantly, what not to eat. This doesn't mean they can't be taught new things however. For example, they can be taught to eat artificial feed. Even after being released in a pond or in the wild, they will always respond to artificial feed. SO WHAT? Well, here's my

If Mother Nature can program a trout, a trout farmer can program a trout, then isn't it reasonable to assume that intentionally or not, fishermen can do it too? As easily as they can be taught to eat something, they can be taught not to eat something. In my opinion, this is why a fly only works for a short time before you have to either change it or move to another spot. Could it also be that they can learn to negatively respond to shadows on the water, with disturbances caused by coils in a twisted leader, or by splashes caused from poor casting habits? Well; " of course they can ". 

Although I'm sure evolution isn't planning to have these creatures write your next news letter, I do believe there are some trout at Rainbow Ranch who now have the ability to teach at least some of us a thing or two. The way I see it anyway. 

By Larry Cryderman 
The Rainbow Ranch


Copyright 2000 
Reprinted with permission

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