Fishing with Capt. Dennis Royston

From: Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl.
Date: 31 Mar 1999
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3/31/99 Fishing Report for Tarpon Springs to Crystal River, Fl. By Capt. Dennis Royston


Weather earlier in the week was clear and breezy. The forecast for the upcoming holiday weekend looks to be made to order for whatever outdoor activity you plan.

Fishing has been good for the anglers willing to work for their catch. The cool waters from the past cold fronts and the full moon has slowed things down somewhat. Water temperatures on the flats have come up from 62 degrees to 68. By the weekend we should see the magic 70s.

Large Jacks, Cobia and a few nice Trout and have caught around the Anclote power plant. There is a lot of boat traffic in the area of the plant. Approach the area at idle speed and observe what is going on. The other anglers will appreciate your courtesy .

On a run offshore to about 10’ of water west of Port Richey we came across patches of muddy water areas caused by Mackerel rooting in the grass and mud For shrimp. The mud areas we spotted were old ones . The digging fish had moved on. To determine an active mud from an old mud find the beginning or origination of the mud and put out a jug or mark a way-point on your GPS or Loran. If the mud stays in one place it is active, but if it moves away from your marked area it is an old one. If you should come across one of these spots, it can provide lots of action.

As the water worms look for the Snook to become more active. This past week we saw lots of Snook moving out from there winter hideouts to feed up for there up-coming summer breeding season. We were able to get a few to eat our baits, but this will increase as the water worms. ( Reminder) the new Snook regulations call for a minimum size increase from 24” to 26” and you may not keep any fish over 34”. You may still keep 2 fish, however if you are fishing with a guide you can not include your guide in your total limit .

That best time of year you have been waiting for starts now. (Good fishin) For more information call Capt. Dennis Royston (727)863-3204