Skirt Rot Solution

From: Robert Bacon, V.P. Ol Bens Rubber Skirts div. Ridge Runner Lures, Inc. Shreveport Louisiana
Date: 13 Apr 1999
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Regarding your "rubber skirt rot". most of the classic skirts out there are made of latex rubber which has a tendency to breakdown when exposed to the oil from fishing worms, or other petroleum based lubricants. If you want to increase the life of your skirts, then make sure they do not come into contact with these types of products. (also some types of fish attractants ((scents)) have a chemical in them that can be harmful to rubber skirts. I have even learned from some clients that they keep a small plastic bag of corn starch in their tackle boxes and when they are through using the lure they dip the dried off skirt into the powder. Corn starch will also add to the shelf life of your bulk skirts - just sprinkle a generous amount on stored skirts. (The powder will come off on the first or second cast and your vivid color of the skirt will come back)

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