STELLWAGEN BANK- Cod Fishing, 3/25-27

From: B-Fast Charters
Date: 27 Mar 2000
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Over the weekend, six of B-Fast's Charters were able to get out to Stellwagen on the JANET B, DECISIVE and SASHAMY. The fishing is nothing short of awesome. Acres of sandeels with large schools of scrod and medium (market) cod to 15# gorging themselves were in evidence over a large area of hard-bottom on the north end of the Bank. Drifting in 90-120 ft.of water with a jig and rubber-bait teaser brought the best results. On Friday the Bill Rhee and Kirk Davis "make-up" charter from Rumson, NJ experienced the best cod fishing of their lives on the JANET B, filling their coolers to the max with cod filets. Capt. Al and Joe guided the Pete Minor and Dennis Zervos group from Lake, Ronkonkoma, NY on the JANET B and Mirolslaw Sydlowska of New York, NY fished the DECISIVE with Capt. Scott. Both groups brought back enough filets to NY to stock their freezers. Saturday's forcasted small warnings never materialized enabling three groups from the Springfield,MA area to fish on the Bank. OSEG'S Doug Sousa, the owner/promoter of the Springfield Sportsmans Show, was guided by yours truly. Roger Gore's group and John Shaw's Butte,MT boys fished with the SASHAMY and DECISIVE. The cod were again stacked-up under the sand eels on Stellwagen's north end. The codfish really put on the feedbag after the turn of the tide. By noontime, Roger Gore's group was Arm-weary and request that Capt. Doug head the SASHAMY back to Green harbor. Capt. Scott's groups soon followed. The word back at the dock was "Same time next year!"

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