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Santa Ana River Lakes - Corona Lake - pop Rating: 6.37 Votes: 11 Strikes: 3501 Added: 1-Mar-2000 Rate It
Southern California's most popular fishing lakes!!

Angling Angles - Votes: 2 Strikes: 1075 Added: 23-Aug-1999 Rate It
fishing and recreation for the entire family from the high sierra to the pacific coast and all California.

Baja East Cape Fleet Report - Votes: 0 Strikes: 454 Added: 26-Nov-2000 Rate It
Fishing report from the East Cape Sportfishing and Charter Co, covering the East Cape region of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Big 986 pound Mako Shark story - Votes: 0 Strikes: 1242 Added: 6-Oct-1999 Rate It
On September 5, 1999 Tom Brooks landed a new state record mako shark. See photos of the shark and boat and anglers.

BIG MARINE FISH - Votes: 4 Strikes: 446 Added: 16-Nov-2001 Rate It
Extensive website about giant bluefin tuna, marlin, swordfish, sailfish and sharks - photos (including many world records) - Atlantic population trends - and articles about big game fish and fishing.

CalFishNet.com - Votes: 3 Strikes: 1319 Added: 19-Oct-1999 Rate It
The Clifornia Fishing Network Home to B.A.R.F., the Bay Area Regional Fishermen

California Fishing - Votes: 1 Strikes: 1111 Added: 5-Jun-2000 Rate It
Fishing Regulations by County with a Market Place for all your shopping needs. Weather, road conditions and tide tables. Links to all other 49 States.

Dan Carter's Guided Service - Votes: 1 Strikes: 519 Added: 17-May-2000 Rate It
Guided Jet and Drift boat trips, on the Smith,Feather,Sacramento,Klamath Rivers For Salmon,Steelhead,Trout,Stripers,Shad. Licensed by, US. Coast Guard,Dept. of Fish & Game, Dept. of Boating and Water ways, and special use permits by Six River's National Forest.Fishing Reports.

Dillard Guided Fishing - Votes: 0 Strikes: 270 Added: 21-Dec-2004 Rate It
Guided fishing trips on Lake Davis

Fishing Centric - Votes: 0 Strikes: 273 Added: 27-Feb-2005 Rate It
Fishing information, news, and fishing tips. Caters to the sport fishing crowd.

Fishing Hookup - Votes: 0 Strikes: 156 Added: 27-Feb-2005 Rate It
Latest news, information, and insight on river, stream, ocean, and lake fishing

Fishing Los Angeles - Votes: 4 Strikes: 1108 Added: 31-Mar-2000 Rate It
fishing, camping, biking, hiking, boating, and much more in and around LA

Hook Up Sportfishing - Votes: 0 Strikes: 277 Added: 29-Feb-2004 Rate It
Website includes GPS#s, fishing reports, tips, spots, forum, and other tools for freshwater and ocean

Monterey Salmon and Tuna report links - Votes: 2 Strikes: 775 Added: 6-Jul-2000 Rate It
Links to Monterey Salmon and Tuna. Also regs and info

Pier Fishing in California - Votes: 5 Strikes: 1120 Added: 26-Jul-1999 Rate It
How, where, and when to fish on California's saltwater piers. Includes a monthly report of piers between the Oregon and Mexican border, a Pier of the Month, a Fish of the Month, tackle tips, and a Pictures Page.

Polaris Supreme Sportfishing Trip Updates - Votes: 1 Strikes: 342 Added: 17-Mar-1999 Rate It
Long Range fishing reports from the skippers of the Polaris Supreme. What's biting off over Baja California.

Riptide Sportfishing & Whale watching - Votes: 7 Strikes: 334 Added: 26-Feb-2000 Rate It
Sportfishing & Whale Watching reports along the San Mateo San Francisco coast.

Rock Creek Fishing Information - Rating: 6.74 Votes: 48 Strikes: 561 Added: 17-Sep-1999 Rate It
Trout fishing information about Rock Creek and Rock Creek Lake located in the Eastern Sierra region of California.

Rock Creek Lake, California's Eastern Sierra - Rating: 8.79 Votes: 88 Strikes: 280 Added: 9-Nov-2001 Rate It
Trout fishing information about Rock Creek Lake and the Eastern Sierra. Site also has other outdoor recreation information including camping, hiking, mountain biking, weather, and more!

Santa Cruz Fishing Report - Votes: 1 Strikes: 854 Added: 22-Feb-2000 Rate It
Current up to date honest fishing reports for the Monterey bay and Santa Cruz area Saltwater!

sdobuzz's page - Votes: 0 Strikes: 384 Added: 16-Jun-1999 Rate It
Links and Reports for SDOBUZZ's favorite Southern California Lakes

Southern California Marlin Online - Votes: 0 Strikes: 496 Added: 11-Oct-1999 Rate It
The Offshre Angler's Online Home. How-to information, posting boards, auctions and the best fishing news on the Net. This is where the other sites come to get the latest news!

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