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Pike Lures-Handcrafted bucktails by Lakes End - Votes: 2 Strikes: 214 Added: 23-Oct-2000 Rate It
Handcrafted pike lures, bucktail spinners tried and tested. The pike lure for monster pike.  
POP-N-TUBE - Votes: 3 Strikes: 731 Added: 15-Dec-1998 Rate It
United States manufacturer of the hottest new topwater lures for smallmouth and largemouth bass, to come along in a decade  
Premium Lures - Make Your Own Lures - Votes: 0 Strikes: 313 Added: 12-Aug-2001 Rate It
Premium Lures sells three complete kits to make your own lures. Our own exclusive RW Clevis Clip & RW Ball Lock Clip make changing your lures a snap! Change skirts, hooks, and blades in seconds. Huge assortment of components make our kits a savings and you have the advantage of making your own lures.  
Prowler Pro Pitch Lures - Votes: 0 Strikes: 730 Added: 27-May-1999 Rate It
Prowler Pro Pitch Lures is a manufacturer and distributor of soft plastic baits.  
Rippler Lures - Votes: 1 Strikes: 171 Added: 25-Feb-2001 Rate It
Loudest rattling jigs on the market. Blade in a blade buzzbait and rattling spinnerbaits  
Salmon,Trout,Walleye and Bass Lures - Votes: 0 Strikes: 229 Added: 13-Dec-2001 Rate It
We developed and use these lures on our own Great Lakes Fishing Charter. we know they work!  
Secret Weapon® Lures - Votes: 4 Strikes: 266 Added: 29-Jul-2001 Rate It
A revolution in lure design, manufacturing spinnerbaits with patented clevis-mounted, fully interchangable freefloating blades, are the first major redesign in spinnerbaits since the inception of the safety pin style.  
Shawn's Tacklebox - Votes: 0 Strikes: 90 Added: 22-Feb-2004 Rate It
2004 custom crankbaits is now available. Designed to catch fish & built to last, these lures have finishes unlike anything the tackle industry has seen.  
Silent Approach Jigs - Votes: 2 Strikes: 165 Added: 28-Jul-2001 Rate It
Quality 100% custom made salmon and steelhead jigs, made with only the finest quality materials, including palmered marabou, palmered rabbit, palmered schlappen, as well as many different feathers and furs, made to your very own specifications. Over 9 different styles available in your choice of colors, including matching colored heads, painted and baked with tough and durable powder paint.  
Stocker Wobbler Fishing Lures - Votes: 1 Strikes: 107 Added: 10-Dec-2002 Rate It
All-metal trolling rigs crafted of top-quality spring and stainless steel, copper and brass. Designed to be trolled with baitfish affixed.  
Tackle Master - Votes: 0 Strikes: 300 Added: 11-Mar-1999 Rate It
Australian made stainless steel fishing lures. Spoons, weighted spoons and treble hook guards.  
THE BASS LURE SEARCH ENGINE - Votes: 0 Strikes: 115 Added: 13-Nov-2004 Rate It
Search thru 400+ lure sites for info about you favorite bass lures. Also added is the lure rating page.  
The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company Ltd. - Votes: 1 Strikes: 139 Added: 31-Dec-2002 Rate It
The Hottest Lure Ever. We can add any companies logo on it. It has help Candian angler Andy Vander Ploeg gain the tittle Canada's Top Sportfishing Angler.  
The Rod Belt - Votes: 3 Strikes: 132 Added: 27-Nov-2000 Rate It
This accessory is a "must have" for all anglers who own two-piece fishing rods.The ultimate solution for fishing rod carrying and storage.  
The Tackle Shack Lure Co. - Votes: 1 Strikes: 277 Added: 5-Nov-2000 Rate It
We make the Thunder Worms these are super floater worms that are scented with powerful scent rigged with hooks or without and don't forget the Y2K Spinnerbaits the only Spinnerbait With inline blades for more vibration and fish caching ability.  
Voyageur Tackle Co - Votes: 2 Strikes: 361 Added: 7-Jul-2000 Rate It
Hand tied fishing lures for walleye,northern pike, bass,crappie,sunfish,muskie - online ordering  
Washington Lure & Bait - Votes: 0 Strikes: 86 Added: 3-Apr-2004 Rate It
Offering a proven selection of Trolling Flutter Spoons and Casting Spoons. Great for Lake Trout and Landlocked Salmon. Also New Hampshire fishing Info.  
Willy Lures - Votes: 2 Strikes: 494 Added: 17-May-1999 Rate It
Wisher Lures - Votes: 3 Strikes: 377 Added: 1-Feb-1999 Rate It
Home of the Truly "Weedless Bucktail" Makers of the Wisher Topwater Wood baits, leaders, both stranded and solid, and a line of sucker rigs.  
Yo-Zuri - Votes: 4 Strikes: 1010 Added: 26-Mar-1999 Rate It
Official Yo-Zuri Fishing Lures Web Site - Detailed information about Bass Arms, Amazing Minnows, and other high quality lures from Yo-Zuri, Japan  

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