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A look at some fine catches by Radiant Lures - Votes: 1 Strikes: 706 Added: 17-Aug-1999 Rate It
An alternative way of fishing. Ultra violet reflective & phospor based vinyl squid baits. Salt & freshwater fishing. My lure sales are on active auctions only.

A-KING FISHING LURES - Votes: 0 Strikes: 177 Added: 2-Aug-2004 Rate It
We can make good lures with best quality.OEM Manufacturer.

Ace Fishing Lures - Votes: 7 Strikes: 438 Added: 15-Oct-2001 Rate It
offers trolling lures and rigs to catch wahoo, tuna, marlin, dolphin, kingfish, and sailfish, as well as tournament-ready lures for serious offshore fishermen.

Ancient Mariner's Saltwater Tackle & Tips - Votes: 8 Strikes: 478 Added: 12-Nov-2000 Rate It
From novice to expert, I can help you land the 'big one'. Unique hand made saltwater fishing tackle & free tips for all species - offshore, nearshore, inshore, surf and bottom. Used world-wide.

Bimini Blades - offshore big game trolling lures - Votes: 0 Strikes: 224 Added: 8-Nov-2003 Rate It
Bimini Blades are the newest big game trolling lures on the water - nothing else compares!

Broadbill Custom Lures - Votes: 4 Strikes: 740 Added: 7-Dec-1998 Rate It
Manufactures a range of lures for big game fishing

Bum Baits - - Votes: 2 Strikes: 203 Added: 8-Jul-2003 Rate It
Bum Baits hand pours first rate saltwater baits and has the success stories to back the baits winning patterns.

Chaos Lures Offshore Tackle - Votes: 1 Strikes: 888 Added: 3-Jul-1999 Rate It
The worlds best trolling lures for Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin and Sailfish. Home of the world famous Chaos Grander!!

Fish Stalker Lures - Votes: 0 Strikes: 637 Added: 1-Jan-2000 Rate It
New deadly lure for catching halibut and bottom fish.

Fishinwire Tackle Co. - Votes: 2 Strikes: 188 Added: 11-Oct-2004 Rate It
Manufaturer of low drag spinning teaser and umbrella rigs. These rigs are great for the weekend fisherman that doesn't have the heavy equipment needed like you need for the "big rigs". These rigs can be trolled with a medium heavy rod and 30 lb. test line.

Fishtek Lures and Lure Savers - Votes: 4 Strikes: 294 Added: 11-Feb-2002 Rate It
We make and sell Jelltext softbaits that are toigher and more supple than any other softbait. Also super-reflective lures, lures that rattle!, and patented Lure Savers that really work.

Futa Lures Hawaii - Votes: 1 Strikes: 246 Added: 18-Jun-02 Rate It
The real Futa Lures, manufacturing cutting-edge trolling lure designs.

Hawaii Lure - Votes: 2 Strikes: 339 Added: 24-Nov-2000 Rate It
Big Game trolling lures by Futa. Skirts ~ Squid ~ Tackle

MEADOW LURES - Votes: 0 Strikes: 431 Added: 27-Jun-2000 Rate It
deep sea trolling lures engineered and designed for sportfishing and have been proven in Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico, Am. Samoa and other far east countries. Manufactured in Hawaii. Sold unskirted.

Ozama FISHING LURES - Votes: 0 Strikes: 322 Added: 4-Dec-2000 Rate It
Ozama Fishing Lures and Trolling Jigs, Marlin and Tuna Lures, Offshore Lures, Swordfish and Wahoo Lures

POLE-KAT LURES - Votes: 1 Strikes: 121 Added: 18-Dec-2002 Rate It
Designed for jigging and/or Pier fishing. This high quality lure will "Katch" Spanish mackeral,Striper,Blues & other game fish.ENJOY YOUR KATCH!

Raider Lures - Votes: 2 Strikes: 312 Added: 7-Sep-2000 Rate It
High quality saltwater metal fishing lures. Pictures, stories, world records and online ordering

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