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Failure to comply will result in

  • Fishing Related Classifieds Only

  • Commercial sites are welcome however ad must contain a specific product and price. 

  • Attempts to spam advisory service users  will result in permanent rejection of all ads by vendor. IE. Use of irrelevant keywords in ad.

  • Use of Fake Email addresses

Violations that carry civil and criminal fines/ penalties:

  • Uploading/ Soliciting  porn

  • Chain Letters/MLM/Business Opportunities.

    The above will not be tolerated.  A deletion fee of $100 is applicable. In addition depending on the offer, the authorities will be notified. Take it somewhere else.

 When adding your items, keep in mind a picture is worth a Thousand Words.  
Picture ads are viewed at a rate of 70% more often than ads without pictures.

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Once clicked, the system will confirm the placement and request you to upload a photo. You do not need a photo, however we recommend it.

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