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Free Tackle Promotion Guidelines


What is it?

Each month we send out 2 newsletters to our members. These members signed up for tackle discounts and the chance to win 1 free giveaway.  

The newsletter consists of some basic information on a new or old service at thefishfinder.com  and some details on various tackle offered at some discounted rate by tackle dealers around the world. A direct link to the tackle sale is printed along with the description.

Along with the newsletter, the discounts are linked/printed in high traffic areas such as the winners area, thefishfinder.com home page and several other places to ensure at the very least, the advertiser gets name visibility and hopefully some sales from the link. 

Why do you need me?

We don't sell tackle,  therefore we really having nothing to offer our members. When you offer discounts to our members, you are filling a need for us. In return, you'll gain name recognition, free promotion and sales. 

How to Participate

Participation is simple. Create a page with your offer and links to the various areas of your site. Somewhere near the top of the page place our logo (Above in Left corner) with the words " Offered Exclusively to Thefishfinder.com Visitors" in bold. For best results, we recommend  15%-30% discount as a guideline for discounts and a value of no less than $15

You do not need to place a link from within your normal site to this page. We'll be sending you traffic, not the other way around.

Once completed, send a note containing the url, the discount and a brief 2-3 sentence description of the sale (for the newsletter). In addition, let us know when the sale can begin and how long you will be accepting orders at the discount.  Don't forget to include your name to contact you.

How long does it take to get into the newsletter?

We like to run 3-6 sales per email in order to prevent reader fatigue. This also helps to increase response since their are fewer choices. 

Depending on the time e of year you can expect to be in the newsletter within 1 issue. We shoot for the 15th and 30th of each month to send out issues. 

How Many Orders Can You Expect?

We aren't sure. It will depend on the wording of your offer, the price, time of year and perceived value of the item(s). We can say that the page you put up will get numerous visitors.

How much is this service?


Can I track how many people visit the page?

We use and recommend Fishclix trackers for page tracking. Click here for details

Can You be the Main Giveaway?

Yes, we need a 2 week advance notice as we like to let people know 2 weeks before what we are giving away in the next issue. The giveaways are promoted in a much deeper way. Our only requirement is that the item has a basic value of at least $25 . Gift certificates are excellent for the giveaway. 

That should cover everything you need to participate in our Tackle Promotions. If you have any further questions, please contact us


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