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Here you will find helper files, resources and more. This area will be growing weekly as new features are added to give you a true interactive site without having to be a programmer.


  1. Get A Different Message Board For Your Site  
  2. Free Calendars Are Now Available From FishClix! 
  3. If you get stuck on anything, feel free to use our community forum 
  4. Increasing your site exposure with the International Angler Ring  
  5. Co Brand Your own Version of thefishfinder search engine and Baitfish! Websearch  
  6. Adding voting booths, survey and contests to your site.  
  7. Accessing TheFishFinder Articles for your site  
  8. How Do I access the "Tell a Friend Script"? (Feb)
  9. Can I see who is visiting my site? (Fish Clix) (Feb)
  10. I noticed the Banner Exchange, Can I join too? (Feb)
  11. How To Add News Headlines to your Site. (Jan)
  12. Forms: learn to plug in forms and access the secure server (Jan)
  13. How To Install your local weather  (Jan)
  14. Toolkit. Links to suggested software (Jan)
  15. Web submission- add your urls to the top search engines. (Improved Software on the way!) (Jan)

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