How to access the "Tell A Friend Script".

What is it? This is a program that can help you boost awareness to your site. Basically a visitor will click on a link you supply on any of your pages and access a file that has a form on it. The location of your page is remembered by the program and inserted into an e-mail to whomever the visitor wants tell his/her friends about your site. They can make comments about you and more. Once the form is filled in and submitted, the visitor is taken back to your page and the emails are sent to their friends.

It is very simple and helps alert people to your site. You can put it on any page you like and it will work. 

Step 1: 

Insert the following code into the page you want people to tell their friends about:

<A HREF="">
Tell your friends about this page</A>!

You should see something like this:  Tell your friends about this page!

Give it a try, send a message to yourself!

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