How To Add News Headlines to your Site.

If you have already set up your local weather, this should be a breeze as it follows the same techniques.

Step 1.  

Below are links to the headlines you can  insert into your page. Each link contains 40 or so headlines that are automatically updated from several sources. 

When viewing a particular category or search, keep in mind everything you see will be placed into a page you create. 

Fish Ticker News Hub Access Demonstration

Search Demonstration:
1) choose a category:

2) enter some keywords:
Technology News
Technology PR News
Financial News
World News
U.S. News
Science News
Health News
Entertainment News
Sports News


Step 2: 

Once you have selected a set of headlines you want to use, copy the url of the headlines and paste into your favorite text editor. You should have something that looks like this:

If you are using a search result, the url will be slightly longer.


You'll notice a portion of the above  url is bolded. Delete this part in your editor. 

This will  leave you with something that looks like this:



Next copy the following code and paste it into the same page as the code above:

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="paste code here"-->

Replace the bolded words above with the url code of the headlines:

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/news/fishticker.cgi?f1=Technology%20News&template=newshubcat.html"-->

You now have the correct code to place anywhere within your site for headlines.


Step 3:

Write an HTML page for your visitors.... complete with the look of your site, any headers, footers or side bars that you use.  Paste your code into the page then save the file and upload it to your directoy.  

Thereafter test the page by visiting it. You should see the headlines appear.  If all is well, place a link or two in your site so that people can access your headlines!

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