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Before you download, get some protection for your computer.

Before you begin to download the software needed to build your site, you will want some protection from programs called viruses. A simple definition of a virus can be: A program written for the purpose of doing permanent damage to a hard drive.

Your computer is at risk when you download from the internet. To prevent this from happening, you need an "anti-virus" program to kill any nasty bugs in the downloaded software. Perhaps the undisputed champion "anti-virus" software is from McAfee. Visit their site to get a sample copy of the program at:

Or you may try Norton at:

Writing HTML without knowing the language.

Although we provide an online editor, some people prefer to create their work offline then upload to the server. There are two ways to get your web pages into Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). You can write the code yourself or use a wyswhg (wizzy whig) editor. These editors  which allow you to type English or your language and converts the text into HTML.  Below are some of the better ones. 

Software name: Hot Dog- This program requires a few files that are easily located at Sausage and or on AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe. Sausage also provides many different graphical enhancement software packages. When visiting make sure you use Netscape to see it all.

Software Name: AOL Press or Navipress

America Online This software has the best interface out of all HTML editors. Hands down it is the easiest HTML writer available. Almost like using a MS word or Word Perfect document.

Software Name: Microsoft FrontPage  This product is available from your local software store.

Add some graphics to spice up the site.

Graphics do add to the image of your site. Too many graphics will slow a viewer's download time. Many people will just hit stop and go elsewhere if your site doesn't appear within a few seconds. You want visitors to be able to zip through the site, get what they came for and get on with their lives.

There are many sites with free clipart images. You need only to visit a search engine and type in, "clipart" to find them. For those of you who have CD ROMS of images from companies such as Corel or others, you will need to convert the images into the .gif or .jpg formats. One of the best programs around is called Paint Shop Pro. A free sample is available at:

Software Name: Paint Shop Pro


This program will also allow you to create your own images.

If you have pictures and a scanner you'll want to visit Ulead for an excellent software called Photo Impact. It's very good and is what we use for photos. 

Getting people to visit your site

There are many ways to get people to visit your site. The most effective and common way is to list yourself with the search engines. Each engine is different and has restrictions and other items to look for. We planned to write an article on these differences and provide some tips on how to submit URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to the engines. That was until we discovered another site that outlines everything you need know about promoting your site. Visit:

Author: Jim Rhodes

How to promote your business web site (Although geared towards business... personal pages can use this info to their advantage as well)

Be sure to check out his other pages regarding marketing and web site design.

We like this site and the attitude presented.

Misc. Software

Below is a small list of software programs you may wish to download.

That's it!

You now have direct access to the best programs available ( according to most people). It's now up to you to decide what your site will look like.

Our Disclaimers

Although much of the software above is free, some companies offer trial periods for the software. After your trial period expires, it is entirely up to you to send them any monies due. OPW and its staff accept no responsibility for the loss of sales or uncollected fees for software usage and or fees due. It is up to the user and manufacturer to settle any monetary agreements.

OPW offers no warranty, express or implied as to the performance of any software or comments mentioned herein. This page is posted as an informational page only. Any financial transactions that occur between yourself and any entity on the other side of the links presented here are your own responsibility.


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