Member Resources: Plugging in your local weather:  


Step1 First you'll need to locate your weather. 

Go to

Click through till you locate the area you wish to display. The url in your browser should look something like this:

*The actual url will vary according to where you are linking to. For purposes of this example, while clicking around, you'll notice that we will hop to the domain. Ignore as the weather you will be place on your page will not have our header and footer information.

Step 2:  Delete "" from the url (leave slash) 

ex.   /weather/cgi-bin/hamweather.cgi?forecast=zandh&state=ny&zone=68 

Step 3:  Take that portion and place it into the code below as shown:

 <!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/weather/cgi-bin/hamweather.cgi?forecast=zandh&state=ny&zone=68"-->

Now insert the code into the HTML of your page where you wish the weather to go.

It's a simple as that! Below is the result you should see in your page:



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