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Awards For February
posted 3/07/01

The winners for TheFishFinder are:

Winner for the International Angler Ring:


The winner for the Fish Clix Banner Exchange is:

Winners click here for ad requirements for your medium size banner award

Each winner is entitled to 1 month of medium size banner advertising on Thefishfinder domains. Roughly speaking, each site should see 300- 900 new anglers next month. 

Unclaimed Awards:

Any award that is unclaimed after 10 days from posting will be offered at 50% off. If the ad is unsold, we will randomly select a past winner to fill the slot providing they still have our link up.

If you are a winner or are interested in paying for an unclaimed award contact us


To participate in Thefishfinder give-away:

A site must have a link to search engine. If your site sends us traffic,  we can tell on this end as your url will appear on our log files. Sites that appear high in the files automatically win the 2 of the 4 banners available each month. A third banner is randomly selected from the entire referer log file.

Click here for return link instructions

To participate in the Fish Clix give-away:

A site needs to be an active member of the Fish Banner Exchange. Joining is free, our 1:1 ratio is one of the best in the world and we regularly turn away sites that have little or no value. 

Click here for information on the Fish Clix Banner Exchange

NEW: To Participate in the International Angler Ring give-away:

A site needs to be an active member. This service not only provides a site with the traffic benefits of a webring, it also projects member rankings within the ring community directly onto the members site.  Click here to review the members already active and ranked. 


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