Webmaster Control Center

This page is designed to help webmasters understand this site. 

1. thefishfinder directory: 
Site owners may add their main page and a non commercial page to different categories. To submit, you can visit the actual category page, then look at the bottom for the Add URL link. Clicking there will take you to the add page with the appropriate category already filled in. You may modify your listing by selecting the modify button on the bottom of most pages. 

2. Baitfish! :
Baitfish is our crawler database. To get your site into Baitfish!, you need to be listed in the directory. It's automatic and nothing else needs to be done. An FAQ is available

3. Recipes
The recipes database is similar to the directory. Same methods to add and modify apply. However, you may add as many recipes as you would like.

4. Fish Pix
This area deals with your picture galleries. There is a sample format available and some further rules regarding content. You may submit an unlimited number of galleries. This is an excellent way to show off last weekends catch. To add a gallery click here

5. Fish Ticker : 
This is our daily news ticker. It is broadcast over the internet via the web site and the java ticker. Sites may submit as many headlines as they wish. It must be news and not a plug.

6. FCP program:
 This is our way of expanding your talent to the masses. Participants donate articles/ time or other items to reside on our domain with full copyrights intact and relevant links back to the owners/individuals site. 

7. Banner Giveaways
Our banner giveaways are very popular. We are giving away millions of impressions each year. To get a current figure, visit our main page. Winners of the giveaway are those sites who have return links to thefishfinder.com and regularly appear high on our log files. To be considered, our link must appear somewhere on your site and actually send people here. Each month we post the winners in the winners circle. Click here to see this month's winners

8. Consumer E-mail list
Every paid advertiser gets a plug in the bi-weekly mailing. Our list has nothing but tackle discounts, current auctions and some brief news about this site. Signups are under no other impression than this list is for buying things. If you would like to participate in the mailing, you may donate an item for our monthly giveaway. Minimum prize value is $40 . A subscribe and unsubscribe form can be found at the above link. 

9. Auctions:
 Our Auction House is free to all. We've made it easy for sellers to not have to continuously repost non-selling items. If an item doesn't sell, it will automatically repost itself for another 4 days. Utilities for buyers and sellers is here

10. Classifieds:
 Our Classifieds are free, not much else to say here.

11. Fish Clix Site Tracker
Website owners will find this tool to be very useful. Place some simple code on your site and every visitor is logged into a cohesive tracking system. Track your visitors by where they came from, what keywords they used and more.

12. Fish Clix Banner Exchange
This banner exchange provides a unique opportunity for website to build traffic. A fair impression split of 1:1 is offered plus on site per month will get 40,000 banner impression on thefishfinder.com search engine! Join today.

13. Yourname@thefishfinder.com
Site owners looking to cut down on spam will find our free email service to be great. Easy signup form provides all the details.

14. Free 10 meg Website
We offer free hosting services to anglers. Each site owner has access to numerous interactive areas and even a secure server.  Click on the link above to join.

15.NEW Fish Clix Polls, Surveys and Contests Run your own giveaways contests and polls without programming. Collect email addresses of participants and more! Excellent for adding interactivity to your site.

In the future there will be more areas.

If you have any questions feel free to write to us.