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In late 1995, we began to catalog the internet fishing community for fun.  Soon it became obvious that anglers around the world began to see us as a viable alternative to the large engines. Today, we are a virtual hub to the internet fishing community with largest fishing directory and search engine in the world. 

Having such a tight demographic provides us with a unique opportunity to offer advertising 24 hours per day to select clients. To this end, we are pleased to present you with one of the most cost effective means to get your message across to potential buyers in the angling world.

The internet standard for targeted advertising like this is $40 per 1,000. 

Our costs are 70% below that standard.  95% of all advertisers relist their advertising with us. We have no equal in terms of demographics, cost, marketing diversity and effectiveness. Shop around, we know you will agree.  


1. Ads must be fishing related.
2. We reserve the right to reject any ad that isn't fishy enough 
3. *Advertisement must be paid in full before ad is shown
4. Advertiser is responsible for creation of ad(s)
5. Advertiser agrees that any disputes be governed by N.Y.S. law.
6. NYS sales tax applies to advertisers residing in or having headquarters in N.Y.S.
7. Ads are non-refundable.

* Payment is due before advert is shown.   We do not reserve time slots without payment in full.  

Custom solutions to your needs can be arranged. 

Ad statistics are available via protected forms 24 hours per day. 

To order your advertising, use the appropriate form below. You will be guided through to a printable form for which you may fill in a credit card (V,MC,AMEX), thereafter you may mail or fax to our number . We will contact you for your ad banner.  

Large Banners
 Check for availability

  • Dimension: 468x60
  • Insertion: Header on all pages except home page
  • Max Size: 15k
  • Format: JPG/GIF- Animated JPG/GIF

Cost (USD)

Cost per 1000

10,000 $ 140.00 $14.00
20,000 $ 280.00 $ 14.00
30,000 $ 390.00 $ 13.00
40,000 $ 520.00 $ 13.00
50,000 $ 600.00 $ 12.00


100,000 $1000 $10.00


Medium Banners

  • Dimension: 151x45
  • Insertion: Footer and results page sidebar
  • Max Size: 10k
  • Format: JPG/GIF- Animated JPG/GIF

Before Purchasing this size ad, always check our winners circle for discounts! Each month we have unclaimed ads at up to 60% off.


Cost (USD)

Cost per 1000

10,000 $ 110.00 $ 11.00
20,000 $220.00 $ 11.00
30,000 $ 300.00 $10.00
40,000 $ 400.00 $ 10.00
50,000 $ 450.00 $ 9.00


  • Dimension: 125x40
  • Insertion: Footer of all pages
  • Max Size: 4k
  • Format: GIF/Animated GIF


Cost (USD))

Cost per 1000

10,000 $ 55.00 $ 5.50
20,000 $ 110.00 $ 5.50
30,000 $135.00 $ 4.50
40,000 $ 180.00 $ 4.50


Free Advertising

Each month we send out 2 emails to our Tackle Giveaways and Discounts list. If you have a product and would like to participate click here for details.


We are looking to partner with various companies and individuals to provide content specific topics on domain. Pages like this will provide the supplier of the information a unique stand alone opportunity for their message. The information must have value and be owned by the provider. If you have an idea, a question, or would like to place your ad feel free to contact us at or 1-845-228-8121.

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